Uniting For Real Change

Catholics Engaged has recently formed in Australia with the intention of providing a practical, focused organisation for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It draws its inspiration from Catholic Social Teaching and the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the teaching of the faith expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Catholics Engaged seeks intentionally to interact with important issues that in recent years have not been given the due attention that one would expect. These issues not only affect Catholic life in Australia but also impact on the type of society.

Australia can be and the nature of Australian life, culture and values. Catholics Engaged looks to concentrate on a number of key areas: 

Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged
Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged

Enhanced Support for Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is currently judged to be around 13-15%, the real figure is likely to be much higher. Regardless of statistics, our response to Australia’s Catholics and the wider community has been inadequate.

Focused Attention on Christian Persecution

The persecution of Christians throughout the world has risen significantly over the last decade. The response has been muted and needs to be seriously addressed. The Government and the Church itself need to be much more active in raising awareness of this injustice and involved in seeking solutions. Serious persecution and restrictions of Christians is still prevalent in nations such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and China. This issue has not been improved by a non-confrontational approach and the victims cry out for an adequate response.

Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged
Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged

Support for a Much More Balanced Position on Israel

The advent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign is grossly misleading and is prejudiced not only against Israel but also harming themselves. Unmuted and ideologically driven hostility towards Israel is damaging to Australian society, hurts fellow Australians and has not improved the relationship between Israeli and non-Israeli peoples. The rise of anti-Semitism is part of this one-sided discrimination against Israeli and is ugly, unmerited and counterproductive.

Support for Welfare aimed at Assisting Mainstream Australians

The Catholic church has long been involved as one of the main providers of welfare and support in our community. The provision of these services have been an enormous benefit to our community and yet is largely not recognised. We seem to have centered our welfare provision and public statements on too narrow a set of agenda’s which does not connect with mainstream Australians. There is a significant need to widen the focus of welfare provision to include the greater development of long-term employment, a focus on youth employment, the retraining of older Australians in the workforce and the general dignity of work.

Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged
Fr James Grant Catholics Engaged

Strengthening of the Tenants of Catholics Education and the Legacy of Western Civilisation

Catholic education has long been a focus of Church activity. It has delivered enormously over the last two hundred years but it seems to be falling down on a number of fronts. Primarily, it no longer seems to have a focus on the transmission of the faith, separate from political bias and agendas. Additionally, it is no longer develops student pride in Catholic culture to the degree that it should. It does not highlight the achievements of Catholicism and the benefits that it provides to its host culture: Western Civilisation.

Catholics Engaged seeks to highlight the great interchange between Catholicism and Western culture with a view to re-engaging with the striking achievements of both, their continued interchange and ongoing benefits to Australian life and society.